Precision in perfection.
Tool Manufactur
Flexible and precise manufacturing of special tools
Solid tungsten carbide (VHW) shank-type tools and limited high-speed steel (HSS) shank-type tools with diameters ranging from 0.5 to 50 mm in small and large quantities.
Tool Service
“As new” tool reconditioning service
Increase the tool’s lifespan
Tool Shop
Our strength is the manufacture of special tools
We do not just produce standard tools, but can also manufacture them to suit your needs.

A passion for innovation and technology

Maximum performance from a single source - optimise processes & increase productivity

Thanks to our technological know-how and precise, defined production processes, we are able to offer custom solutions with greater efficiency and cost effectiveness and service-oriented support.

The ongoing development and optimisation of processes and products is our primary objective. Our products have a variety of applications ranging from automobile manufacturing and engineering to tools for working wood and medical and injection moulding technologies.

Tool Manufactur

Special tools custom-made for you

Are you looking for a special solution for a particular job? Would you like to combine several manufacturing processes by using a special tool?

We can configure specialised multi-flute step drills and milling tools made of solid carbide and in a variety of geometric shapes in line with your requirements.

We can measure and reverse engineer functioning special tools from existing production processes with our new “Walter Helicheck Advanced” machine. To enable us to offer you a solution quickly, please send us a tool that you are already using (we recommend that you get in touch with us first) or append a drawing and other information on the specific application to your enquiry.

Send enquiry with drawing

(Upload drawing in jpg, dxf, pdf, etc.)

Tool Service

“As new” condition with our precise tool reconditioning service

Costs can be reduced by reconditioning tools to almost “as new”. The savings add up with every regrind. The investment in your precision tool will be worthwhile, as the lifespan of all of your sawing, drilling, milling, threading, reaming and countersinking tools will be extended.

We can condition and sharpen your PCD tools.

Send enquiry with drawing







Tools Shop

We offer the right
tool solutions

Our strength lies in special tools. The flexibility of the “Konstantin” system with its interchangeable diameter cutters is what makes it stand out.
The major advantage is that this system can be combined with moulder cutters. This makes for unbeatable cost-effectiveness.

Alongside our special tools, we also have a large selection of standard tools.

You can order our tools conveniently and round the clock from our online shop or simply send us your technical enquiry for a custom fabrication.

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You can rely on our partners. Accuracy and precision are paramount.


New from us: the optical CNC measuring machine

The HELICHECK ADVANCED optical CNC measuring machine can even measure complex geometric shapes on rotationally symmetrical tools with a repeat accuracy of 1.5 μ. The three cameras in the measuring machine ensure one hundred percent control of the tools. Your tools will be measured fully automatically, contactlessly and with a high degree of precision. Every parameter of your tools will be measured in the process. High-precision ball screws and linear guides guarantee outstanding degrees of positioning accuracy that are essential for the most accurate measurement results.

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